Comptia Expounds Deceit On Standards

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Brussels, date — CompTIA expounds deceit on standards

The Digital Standards Organization (Digistan) sharply criticises a statement from Microsoft-funded lobby firm CompTIA claiming that "South Africa’s recent adoption of the ODF standard represents a tact that will blunt innovation, much needed for their developing economy." Digistan spokesman Chris Puttick says, "CompTIA is trying to undermine South Africa's very sane choice for free and open standards."

Chris Puttick continues, "it is ironic that CompTIA calls South Africa's choice 'outdated', when Microsoft's OOXML format is the fruit of decades of closed, legacy applications".

Digistan points out that the two competing ISO standards for documents (ODF and OOXML) are not compatible, and translation from one to another is not possible. Governments must therefore choose. ODF has many productive implementations currently and is mature enough to be used seriously. The OOXML specification has still not even been published by ISO, and has no implementation anywhere, in any market. While ODF gives governments choice in their procurement, OOXML ties them to one legacy vendor. Lastly, ODF products tend to be cheaper and better than the expected single product that will implement OOXML.

Based on these clear advantages to their economies, Digistan recommends that all governments choose ISO 26300 (ODF) as their only standard for representing office documents.

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